Hi, I'm

Niels Dequeker

A brief introduction

My name is Niels Dequeker, I'm an online creative from Belgium. I'm passionate about programming, because it gives me the power to create things. Being able to deliver a great experience, and elaborate ideas to real life projects feels like magic to me.

Just before my graduation I have done an international internship in Guangzhou. Coming from a small country like Belgium, this journey completely changed my view on the world.

Currently I'm working as a Freelance Frontend Developer by the name New Front.

Personal timeline

  1. Trip to San Francisco, Silicon Valley
  2. Won the price of the jury at Kikk Festival
  1. International internship at Petralian, China
  2. Nominated for Talent Factory - best Deviner
  3. Graduated from Howest Kortrijk
  4. Working at SocialExpress, a startup
    based in Amsterdam
  1. Freelance Frontend Developer at New Front
San Francisco ×


MyMachine is an organisation that builds dream machines, invented by children, in collaboration with students from all over Belgium. Together with Laurents Laire and Ruben Temmerman, we created a realtime communication platform, where students can work together with the children to share ideas, drawings and more.



André is a multi-user & cross-device experience made with Simon Pertz, Robby Schaubroeck and Augustin De Bie. Users need to work together to help André in getting the musical experience he loved so much when he was younger.
Up to 4 users can connect with their smartphone and choose an instrument. By playing together, André gets younger and experiences his music like never before.



TurtleRace is the result of my final task for Devine (devine.be). I have worked on it from October till the end of December. I had to came up with a concept for a personal project that was big enough to challenge myself. After that, I've made the design and last but not least was coding it up. The most challenging part was learning Objective-C in two months.


Escape from the bungalow

This project is made in under 24 hours in a bungalow in the woods, Dead Forest is an urban (or shall I say: rural) game concept where the player is part of a zombie B-movie setting. We won a prize for this project by Lab9, which is awesome! Made with the coolest compagnons Simon Pertz, Robby Schaubroeck and Augustin De Bie.


Pjeroo Roobjee

Pjeroo Roobjee is both the name of a very talented artist, as well as the name of my final assignment for the Motion 3 course. The idea is to present the world as Pjeroo Roobjee sees it, in thirty seconds. For this project I have used Cinema4D, After Effects and music from John Zorn.



Droppr is a minifying application for Mac I have made with Robby Schaubroeck.
It started as a side project because we couldn't find another application like this to fit our needs. It can be found on droppr.be.